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This story follows the legacy left by 5 heroes known as the “SpellScarred Champions.” Once marked by Orcus to be tapped later as vessels of power, the 5 men defeated the leader of the shadow priest cult that was trying to bring Orcus into the Plane Above. After his defeat and the removal of the threat from the Shadowfell, the Champions settled into a small town that they had begun to call home named Kiris Dahn. Earlier in their travels, the Champions liberated Kiris Dahn from an onslaught of kobolds, hobgoblins and orcs. Now, they returned to help with the rebuilding effort and are now trying to turn the town into a bustling center of trade along the King’s Road.

With the addition of a mercenaries guild to offer out small contracts, new droves of adventurers are beginning to stream into the town to take the occasional small job. Who will come to the town? What experiences do they bring? Why are they traveling together? What dark secrets does the land of Faerun hold for these men and women?

But ultimately, what will be the legacy left behind by the SpellScarred Champions?

The Champions
Crux the Skinwalker
Narra Tor
Stormrock Forest-strider
Crimson Redfury
Kyzen Aegisblade

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