Stormrock Forest-Strider

The Man-Devil of Murrandin


Scourge, villain, betrayer, champion. All appropriate terms when describing Stormrock Forest-Strider, the Man-Devil of Murrandin. Disgusted with the snails pace of the rebuilding of Kiris Dahn, Stormrock went to earn his fortune in this monstrous land.

Stories coming from Amn tell of how he led a band of missionaries of Selûne into the forest as a guide on an information gathering mission for a future expedition. The report from the only surviving member of the missionary party testified that the group fell under attack from a green wyrm after Stormrock led them through her nest. Instead of defending the group, Stormrock looted the corpses of the missionaries and stole their coin. When the wyrm finished devouring the Selûne missionaries, the survivor said that it turned to swallow Stormrock in a single gulp.

Cornered, frightened and about to be ripped to shreds by the massive wyrm, the missionary swears that just as the wyrm lurched forward to snap at him, a burst of blood and innards spewed forth, followed by an image of were-man covered in entrails and bile. “Go, tell the others what you’ve seen” he said. “Tell them to fear the devil of the forest”.

And so they do. He is a boogeyman. He is a living nightmare. He is a menace that needs to be dealt with, claims the Council of Five in Amn.

Stormrock Forest-Strider

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