Malras Hiyal

About these goblins... Would you say they looked hob?


Level 6 Deva Shaman
HP 54
AC 19
Fort 16
Ref 17
Will 20
STR 10
CON 12
DEX 10
INT 16
WIS 21
Passive Insight 25
Passive perception 24
Speed 6
Initiative +7


Deva Shaman

Malras’s first life was lived millions of years ago as a pure, untainted spirit in the Astral Sea, serving the gods. Although it is thousands of lifetimes later, he still dimly remembers his Astral Sea origin and strives to combat all evil that he encounters in the world. His latest reincarnation saw him reborn in the cosmopolitan city of Waterdeep, serving as a freelance spirit-healer and mercenary. He has had to travel many regions to fulfill his contracts, the latest of which being Kiris Dahn. There he has met a new guild in which he foresees the prospect of a better future for himself, along with greater opportunites to combat evil with his divine Astral magic. Now, with help from the divination of Bahamut and his trusty spirit-companion Sir Purr, he joins his regrettably unlike-minded companions for their next quest… One step closer in achieving his ultimate transcendance above his deva race and becoming perfectly harmonious with the gods.

Malras Hiyal

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