Kyzen Aegisblade

Serenity through absolution


Leaving Kiris Dahn in the capable hands of the villagers, Kyzen left to further hone his craft in Kokazura, a group of islands of the main coast of Faerun. Trading in his longsword for a Katana, Aegisblade currently defends the citizens of Shinkoku from roaming bands of warlords seeking to unify the islands under a single banner.

Kyzen was initially thrust into the conflict when his training ground was desecrated by a company of walking dead controlled by the necromancer Hin-Hiromoto and led by the oni Tas-Kai. In a rage, Kyzen fused his Genasi powers with his katana, creating a blade created from pestilence, fear, and hate. Kyzen struck down the living dead and thrust his Plague Blade (heretofore known as Kikin Buringā). Kyzen became a force of nature as he slew the army of death, eventually confronting the Oni and his master.

The Oni tried to confound the Genasi by tricking him with spirits of those the necromancer had slain, but Kyzen’s rage made him blind to the ties that bound him to this plane. He struck down the oni with one slice of the writhing, terrible blade and watched as the evil ghost dematrialized in a violent green flame.

Kyzen next turned his pain on the necromancer who could do nothing but beg at the feet of the new walking plague. As the necromancer tugged at the waistcoat of the Genasi, he opened his eyes to see a ring of deathemanating from underfoot of Kyzen. As the death spread, flowers wilted, grass died, and the land lost it’s color. As he looked into the eyes of the once kind protector, he was matched by eyes of pure obsidian that told a story of love, loss, and the winters of famine that lie ahead for this sad man’s soul.

Now, Kyzen haunts Kokazura, possessed by some terrible rage awakened in him. He gathers men to his army daily and soon will turn his eyes away from the islands and on to the main land of Faerun.

Kyzen Aegisblade

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