Crux the Skinwalker

A mighty Warforged with a habit of acquiring trophies from his kills.


As with the other SpellScarred Champions, Crux has no recollection of his past or what he was created for. Shortly after the events revolving around the Shadowfell and Orcus’s attempted entrance into this plane, Crux departed Kiris Dahn and took to undead lands of Thay following a rumor that a large group of Warforged has congregated there to reclaim a possible “birthing” site of their kind. he hopes to use the power granted to him by the SpellScar to force the Red Wizards to disclose the purpose of his birth.

Armed with his Executioner’s Axe and a propensity for violence, Crux now wanders eastward in search of his brethren.

Crux the Skinwalker

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