Crimson Redfury

Taming the Red Dragon of Waterdeep


A dragonborn with no family ties is like a branch with no tree. After leaving Kiris Dahn, Crimson went to search for a replacement family, one that would take him in and put his skills to good use. he found a home amongst the Shadow Thieves of Waterdeep. Able to tame the dragonborn’s rage, the Shadow Thieves have been able to use Crimson’s fighting skills to good use becoming an enforcer for the guild. Rumor has it that occasionally, Crimson will take to the streets of Waterdeep so that he can attend to affairs directly.

At the last report, Crimson escaped capture in the docks district of Waterdeep after attempting to poison a shipment of wine bound for one of the Lords of Waterdeep. The reporting officer noted that Crimson “simply vanished into the shadows” when the officers attempted to close in on him.

Crimson Redfury

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