Baba Yanoc the Witch-Boy

Priests and paupers, Kings and whores, Swimming in hate and gasoline, A lit torch knocks upon your door, And you can't decide to let it in, If cleanliness is a virtue how can burning be a sin?


Deep in Akanul there is a cult that makes it’s home deep in the super volcano named “Spine of Ish Sah”. The cult is known in whispers to be led by the Vermillion Bride, the high chosen priestess of Asmodeus. Seventeen years ago, in the “Year of the Black Sun” Akanul went through a chaotic period of volcanic activity the blacked out the skies and created the permanent lava river known as the Devil’s Moat. Local legends tell that the world was bleeding due to the birth of the Vermillion Bride’s brood into the world of mortals.

Baba Yanoc’s first memories are of his infancy trapped in the cleansing pits with his brothers and sisters. A single virgin would be thrown into the fire pits with them once a week and the children not only had to hunt the prey but stop the others from claiming her as well. Baba and his brother Rusani Sanv were the final children left when in a final battle to the death, Baba displayed his first signs of his demonic heritage and burnt him near to death in a final embrace and ate him alive. From then on Baba was treated as royalty, and his teachers and protectors “The Shepherds” taught him many secrets of the world and his royal blood. The cult expects Baba to ascend to control the world and sit at his father’s right hand in a new paradise.

As Baba Yanoc aged, he began to question why he was being raised as a weapon, and to what end he would be used. On the eve his seventeenth birthday, Baba Yanoc seduced one of the Shepherds, a young human girl that called herself Ember, despite Shepherds having sacrificed their identities upon entering the church. Ember had shown Baba small kindnesses in secret since he was very young at risk of life and limb, and believed that perhaps Baba and herself didn’t belong in this place. When his mother was informed of his dalliance she flew into a rage. The thunder could be heard for miles as she slain and destroyed everything in her path. Ember and her father, also a Shepherd, rescued Baba and escaped silently into the night under the cover of her wrath. They explained that the Vermillion Bride had raised Baba as a host body for Asmodeus himself to return to the mortal plane, but his virginity was required for the ritual. With his blood impure, the best that the cult could accomplish is to sacrifice Baba back to Asmodeus in hopes that he would sire another brood with the Vermillion Bride.

They ran far and kept a low profile. Shepherd decided the only thing that could be done to save his daughter’s life from the blade of the Vermillion Bride was to find other adventurous types, and advance Baba Yanoc’s own abilities to the point that he could defend himself against the cult and free them. They only made it as far as the trading ports of Rishadan before she caught up with them.

In an epic exchange of power, Mother decimated son using the very skills she taught him since infancy. The fires could be seen as far west as Neverwinter, and for hundreds of miles around. With Rishadan port burning around them, a local militia fought the Asmodeus Cult’s Shepherds to a standstill but the Bride couldn’t be stopped. The Vermillion Bride recognized Ember amongst the cowering militia and said words of power in Abyssal that Baba knew well. Without thought, Baba threw himself in front of the white hot Iron Spike of Dis that was aimed at the girl and it impaled them both. His selfless act proved there was goodness in his soul, and the hand of Asmodeus rose from the earth and captured the Vermillion Bride and removed her from this plane for her failure. Ember died slowly on the spike, but before her final breath she made Baba promise to use his abilities to aid the powers of order. Shepherd removed the Spike and Baba survived due to his heritage.

Baba Yanoc and Shepherd are still plagued by the forces of Asmodeus, who revere and revile Baba. They either want him returned to his earthly throne, or dead. Baba still uses the powers of his father, and his abilities are developing more quickly and uniquely than Shepherd would feel comfortable with, but he knows that Baba made a blood pledge to his daughter to protect, so he will remain in his service for life.

Baba Yanoc the Witch-Boy

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