Aeternus DarkStorm

“His eyes, the eyelids of morn…The sword that layeth cannot hold: the spear, the dart, nor the habergeon…Upon earth there is not his like, who is made without fear. He beholdeth all high things: he is a king over all the children...” – Job 41


Race: Dragonborn
Height: 6’ 3"
Weight: 250 lbs
Physical: Black scales, eyes flicker with a blue flame, and faint blue smoke can be seen emanating from his open jaws
Resistances: 2 Cold, 2 Fire, 2 Thunder, 4 Poison

SIGHT OF THE UNSEEN: Grants Aeternus with Darkvision

STORMHEART: When Aeternus uses his Second Wind, all enemies within 2 squares that are marked can be slid 1 square and are slowed until the end of Aeternus’ next turn.

SPELLSCARRED INVIGORATION: If a creature marked by Aeternus attacks anything other than him, it takes 1 fire and necrotic damage, and Aeternus gains 3 hit points.

VORPAL BREATH: The spellplague shaped Aeternus’ dragon breath into a devastating area attack, leaving groups of foes cowering and writhing in pain.

ATTACK: Aeternus focuses his Strength modifier for breath power, so this is +13 vs. Reflex
DAMAGE: 1d6 + 5 Str Mod + 5 lightning/necrotic
BLOODIED: +1 attack, +2 damage
ONGOING: 5 necrotic, if creature fails save, adjacent creature takes 10 fire/necrotic damage


Aeternus DarkStorm

Another of the Foulborn at the time of the spellplague, Aeternus’ past is shrouded in mystery. He never knew his parents, and has no memory of his childhood. Forced to mature quickly in order to survive, he wandered the plaguelands in search of some sense of identity and purpose. The few nomadic dragonborn tribes that trusted him enough to welcome him in were shortlived at best, and his failed initiations into their ranks only left his spirit more tattered. His personality developed into that of a lone wanderer, driven only by strange visions and haunted dreams.

It wasn’t until he came across a small village under raid and plunder that he discovered some clue of his origin. Aeternus slept on a cliff edge overlooking the village one night when it came under attack and was almost instantly engulfed in screams and flames. Driven by some unknown force to protect the innocent, Aeternus stormed into the village and began striking down the intruders in an effort to protect the innocent who resided there. He had just finished driving back the bandits when their leader stepped through the flames to confront him. He too was a dragonborn, but was clearly undead in nature as he peered into Aeternus’ eyes and told him that he had been searching for Aeternus for a long time. Instantly Aeternus’ eyes burst into blue flame and his mind became clouded. As he mustered all his fortitude to force out that overwhleming pain and confusion, he released a vorpal breath that wiped out the remaining survivors of the village and left him laying unconscious on the ground until the morning. When he woke the next day, he found no living among the dead, and no sign of the dracolich.

Aeternus’ actions are driven by a deep sense of yearning: yearning to avenge the fallen, yearning to discover his origins, and yearning to be a part of something bigger. He knows no fear, and has nothing to lose, and once his enemies confront him and discover this, it is often too late to take back their mistake.

Lately, Aeternus’ vivid dreams and waking nightmares have led him to seek out a tiefling, whose very essence reeks of darkness and chaos. Wandering westward along the King’s Road, he stumbles upon the town of Kiris Dahn, and discovers a witch boy who may be able to provide the next clue in his quest to satisfy his yearning…

Aeternus DarkStorm

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