Legacy of the SpellScarred Champions

Danger at White Lotus Academy

Who is disturbing the arcane academy?

After receiving an invitation to study for a semester at White Lotus academy, Baba Yanoc decided to take the group of adventurers to accompany him on his trip under the promise that all of the members would benefit from an education in defense and use of magical spells and implements. Upon arrival, however, the adventurers found the academy seized by some unknown entity that was causing havok for the students, faculty, and headmaster.

The adventurers saved a group of students from animated training dummies and were sent on a request to retrieve the maintenance logs in order to figure out who was working with the dummies last. While on their way to retreive the book from a classified section of the library, the group was attacked by three poltergeists who were angrily guarding their final resting spot.

After dispatching the poltergeists, the adventurers were able to escape the library with book in tow, ready to hand it over to one of the faculty members. Upon leaving, however, they were directed to the arboretum and given a ring shaped as a leaf as a reward.



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